The Trade World Navy

Despite the increase in oceanic travel by the Dongolos Republic, most ships were ill-equipped for combat, carrying few weapons and rarely any trained fighters. In the beginning, mercenaries were placed on ships to protect the cargo, but the price of protecting each ship in such a way was costing more than the money made on the trades. In AT 785, the Dongolos Republic and the Six Holds (primarily Whilhold) created the Trade World Navy, producing Aether’s first metal ships and calling on the entire Trade World to join up and protect the Miku’La Ocean.

In the early years, each country donated around one hundred troops to create the Trade World Navy, shortly trained in the Six Holds of Arland. This resulted in a small force of a couple thousand soldiers on the most expensive ships of the Trade World. The large difference in people and ideals meant a large disconnect on how to deal with pirates and what rules to enforce on the waters, sometimes painting the Trade World Navy as the bad guys.

In AT 826, Klavins of the Great Wall was appointed as High Admiral of the Trade World Navy which led to harsh changes in the chain of command. Klavins met individually with each sailor and captain and made his own decisions on who was worthy of leadership positions and enforced powerful rules of conduct, quoting that if he had to remove you from his Navy, it’d be to the bottom of the sea. Despite this harsh treatment, or maybe because of it, the Trade World Navy was whipped into shape quickly, finally able to hold their own against the pirates of the Miku’La Ocean.
The Trade World Navy was still having a hard time battling pirates who the people of the world didn’t find harmful. In order to build a better reputation, the Trade World Navy ran somewhat of a smear campaign to paint Black Jackson and other pirates as the bad guys in AT 839, creating an information embargo on good deeds of pirates and large-scale broadcasts of the destruction others left in their wake. By the time High Admiral Klavins passed away in AT 881, the Trade World Navy was a well-respected institution known for protecting the common people on the sea.

High Admiral Gregory Siles took over in Klavins’ stead, keeping a lighter hand than his predecessor, more concerned with the image of the navy than the actions taken by it. In AT 918, High Admiral Siles’ fleet met with the Crow’s Nest and was left at the bottom of the sea. A man of honor, Siles went down with his ship. Having not appointed a replacement himself, several years passed before a new High Admiral was selected. During this time, the strict military code instilled by Klavins broke down little by little, having no clear leader to keep everyone in line. It wasn’t until AT 925 that High Admiral Reiji Evans was selected and shortly after assassinated in 931. In AT 933, Ukula of Whilhold took position as High Admiral and declared that Black Jackson was the confirmed assassin of High Admiral Evans and, now the killer of two High Admirals, was considered an enemy of the entire Trade World. Any associated with him would be imprisoned and questioned, and anyone with information leading to his arrest would be paid one billion dongols. Within the Trade World Navy itself, the ideals of High Admiral Ukula were that there was no “too far” against pirates and any means necessary should be taken to put a stop to all pirates, swearing off honor for results.

The Trade World Navy

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