Races of the Trade World

Aethwalker Names:
East Arland Names (Male):

  1. Cecil
  2. William
  3. Knox
  4. Ernest
  5. Randolph
  6. Lyle
  7. Cale
  8. Shane

East Arland Names (Female):

  1. Miranda
  2. Caroline
  3. Raelyn
  4. Jessica
  5. Vivian
  6. Sharon
  7. Barbara
  8. Elise

East Arland Surnames:

  1. Howe
  2. Triggs
  3. Stafford
  4. Crewe
  5. Dwight
  6. Simmons
  7. Pearce
  8. Burke
  • Naming Conventions:
    East Arland names are derived from English names. They are most common in the Six Holds of Arland, but easily stretch to the Hillsford Province. Both countries have conventional marriage, and as such surnames are handed down based on the father.

West Arland Names (feminine form in parentheses):

Praenomina, the given name used with family and close friends:

  1. Flavius (Flavia)
  2. Manius (Mania)
  3. Publius (Publia)
  4. Primus (Prima)
  5. Gaius (Gaia)
  6. Marcellus (Marcella)
  7. Tiberius (Tiberia)
  8. Lucius (Lucia)
  9. Appius (Appia)
  10. Decius (Decia)

Nomina, family name:

  1. Julius (Julia)
  2. Caelius (Caelia)
  3. Aemilus (Aemilia)
  4. Lucretius (Lucretia)
  5. Novius (Novia)
  6. Pontius (Pontia)
  7. Helvetius (Helvetia)
  8. Aurelius (Aurelia)
  9. Marius (Maria)
  10. Claudius (Claudia)

Cognomina, nickname earned later in life (Some common Cognomina are also used as Praenomina):

  1. Angelus (Angela)
  2. Corvus (Corva)
  3. Tacitus (Tacita)
  4. Caesar (Caesaris)
  5. Leo (Leona)
  6. Falco (Falcona)
  7. Bellator (Bellatrix)
  8. Victor (Victoria)
  9. Regulus (Regula)
  10. Capito (Capita)
  • Naming conventions:
    West Arland names traditionally have three names; a praenomen (given name), nomen (family name), and cognomen (nickname). Praenomina are usually only used among family and close friends, and a child usually takes the cognomen of his father until he earns one of his own. Names have gender and change case depending on how they are used. For example, a male born into Gens Caelia would take the name Caelius whereas a female would take the name Caelia. Females often do not receive praenomina, though more progressive families have been gradually reversing the trend. A female would also never receive a cognomen of her own, taking the cognomen of her father (albeit the feminine form) until marriage, at which point she would take the feminine form of her husband’s cognomen. So, a typical female born into Gens Aemilia to a father named Caius Aemilus Avitus would be named Aemilia Avita. If the same woman were to marry a man named Tullus Barrius Lucius, her name would change to Aemilia Lucia. Aethwalkers who are adopted keep the nomen of their birth family, but take a modified form of their adoptive family’s nomen as a cognomen (ending in -anus or -ania depending on gender). So, a child born Marcus Fabius Gallus and adopted into Gens Julia would then take the name Marcus Fabius Julianus. Cognomina can be earned at any point after birth, and are often ironic. A balding man might earn the cognomen Caesar which means “hairy”, or an exceptionally outspoken or talkative individual might earn the cognomen Tacitus which means “silent”.

Aquian Names:

  1. Luana
  2. Malie
  3. Nui
  4. Lalama
  5. Kekoa
  6. Eleu
  7. Makamae
  8. Ka Nui
  • Naming conventions:
    Aquian names are given at birth and are most commonly gender neutral. Some names tend to be quite long and are mostly based on Hawaiian words or names. Aquian lack surnames, but instead adopt the name of his or her home or school in its place, such as “Ukula of Whilhold”, born in Whilhold of the Six Holds. This is known as the Aquian’s “clan name”. An Aquian might lay claim to his or her city, country, island, or even organization for his or her clan name. Those who feel no claim to any such name, or are orphaned or bastards, generally use “the Miku’La” as his or her clan name, such as “Mako of the Miku’La”. In Aquian cultures having this name considers one to be “clanless”.

Canisaer Names:
Due to lacking a homeland or culture to truly call their own, the Canisaer generally adopt names from whatever culture they were raise in, usually taking Aethwalker names as most Canisaer are raised in Arland. Canisaer almost always lack a surname.

Deepdweller Names (Male):

  1. Eilifr
  2. Hallkell
  3. Refli
  4. Vestmarr
  5. Alfarr
  6. Simun
  7. Ketill
  8. Alfvin
  9. Brynki
  10. Garni

Deepdweller Names (Female):

  1. Eydis
  2. Mjoll
  3. Tonna
  4. Geirve
  5. Saldis
  6. Yri
  7. Inga
  8. Alvi
  9. Unna
  10. Ragnhilda
  • Naming conventions:
    Deepdwellers have Norse names. The names are generally reused in families or taken from stories of the Pantheon. Deepdweller surnames are most often taken from the father’s first name with “son” or “dottir” added afterward, dependent on the child’s gender, such as “Mogr Voldason”, son of Volda.

Dilapidis Names:
Similarly to Canisaer, Dilapidis lack a homeland and culture to call their own, so they tend to borrow names drawn from their upbringing. Some also claim common words they believe describes themselves as their name. Deepdweller names are the most commonly borrowed names by Dilapidis.

Elf Names (Male):

  1. Zordlon
  2. Luvon
  3. Variel
  4. Lanliss
  5. Rhys
  6. Caladrel
  7. Thallan
  8. Halamar
  9. Evindol
  10. Illithor

Elf Names (Female):

  1. Tessara
  2. Faunra
  3. Oparal
  4. Gwynnestri
  5. Myriani
  6. Allynna
  7. Takari
  8. Veluthil
  9. Merethyl
  10. Esta

Elf Surnames:

  1. Evioro
  2. Aunglor
  3. Ibryiil
  4. Ulongyr
  5. Gwaelon
  6. Phenthae
  7. Sarsantyr
  8. Keove
  9. Narlbeth
  10. Pholont
  • Naming conventions:
    Elf names are given at birth and usually chosen symbolically, either to wish such a path for the newborn or because of strange birth circumstances. The Sun Clan is known to pass the father’s surname to the child, though the Star Clan, who do not marry in the conventional sense, allow the child to choose his or her surname, either from his or her parents or otherwise, after coming of age. As a result, the Star Clan are more likely to have wilder, more fantastic sounding surnames in larger quantities, such as “Erlshade”, “Moonglade”, or “Swordstar”. Any “elf”-sounding name works well for them, though I tend to pull my names from here.

Felazin Names:
Felazin each come from a tribe, generally drawn from Native American tribe names. Each tribe has a “theme” that each of the names are generated from and it also usually pertains to the primary strengths of that tribe. Felazin do not have surnames and instead use their tribe name, such as “Boa of Aymara”. Felazin do not have conventional families, as the children are mostly raised by the entire tribe. Young Felazin must earn their name while still in childhood.

Known Tribes:

  1. Aymara – Poison-makers. Each member named after a type of snake.
    (NPC examples include Boa, Fer-de-Lance, and Viper.)
  2. Hoz – Practiced fighters and combat trainers. Each member named after a weapon or part of a weapon.
    (NPC examples include Hilt and Knife.)
  3. Illini – Jewelers practiced in creating totems, oddities, and fetishes. Each member named after a type of gemstone.
  4. Lakota – Scavengers and tamers. Each member named after a type of bird.
  5. Selkirk – Miners and metalworkers. Each member named after a type of metal or ore.
    (NPC examples include Silver.)
  6. Zia – Woodworkers and fletchers. Each member named after a type of tree.
    (NPC examples include Cedar.)

Floran Names:

  1. Cendrillon
  2. Dumont
  3. Kaarle
  4. Esme
  5. Rodel
  6. Acel
  7. Floria
  8. Doreen
  9. Arlene
  10. Lucien
  11. Tristin
  12. Moor
  • Naming conventions:
    Floran mature fast, due to their short lifespans, and usually choose to identify themselves as male or female within the first year of their life, despite having any type of gender differences, though some may choose to not adopt either gender identity. The Floran names are French-based, and usually linked to colors, flowers, or scents. Floran are born any place their parent’s seeds fall, but they instinctually return to the Home Tree that spawned their ancestors from the moment they can walk. This decides the “home name” of the Floran. The full name of a Floran is presented as “First Name” la “Home Tree name”, such as “Iris la K’sanaar”. The three Home Trees are Folgrand (in Arland), K’sanaar (in Shael’taya), and Silith (in Trithalla).

Greenskin Names (Male):

  1. Yisun
  2. Batukhan
  3. Boke
  4. Suren
  5. Altan
  6. Dash
  7. Ulagan
  8. Mongke

Greenskin Names (Female):

  1. Kushi
  2. Cheren
  3. Erdene
  4. Odval
  5. Bayarmaa
  6. Solongo
  7. Odtsetseg
  8. Mishell
  • Naming conventions:
    Greenskins, whether goblins, orcs, or trolls, have Mongolian names. All hailing from the Dancing Grasslands of Gha Khalla, the Greenskins use their tribe name first followed by their given name, such as “Tulla Vitchki” who is of the tribe Ras Tulla. Some Greenskins choose to give up their tribe name, but they usually maintain the convention of placing the newly chosen surname before their given name. Greenskins born abandoned without a tribe or those exiled from their tribe take the tribe name “Khalla”, meaning “of the land” in Gha Khallan, an indication that the Greenskin has no allegiance toward any particular tribe.

Lazeran Names (Male):

  1. Dolf
  2. Dagobert
  3. Wolfram
  4. Volkard
  5. Hugo
  6. Randolf
  7. Jonas
  8. Carsten
  9. Lars
  10. Tobias

Lazeran Names (Female):

  1. Erika
  2. Marlene
  3. Beatrix
  4. Magda
  5. Nina
  6. Wendelin
  7. Sigrid
  8. Irmgard
  9. Hannah
  10. Annette

Lazeran Surnames:

  1. Eichmann
  2. Kappel
  3. Waechter
  4. Fuerst
  5. Farber
  6. Mahler
  7. Richter
  8. Becker
  9. Hirsch
  10. Seiler
  • Naming conventions:
    Lazeran, whether Red or Green scaled, marry and raise a clutch which bears the surname decided by the family. The first name is rarely meaningful, usually named for a relative or acquaintance, or even based upon popular names at the time. They are heavily Germanic influenced.

Qoln Names (Male):

  1. DeLong
  2. TaoNing
  3. LongBao
  4. AnJian
  5. KangShi
  6. SongTian
  7. YouLi
  8. PengXiong

Qoln Names (Female):

  1. NiLian
  2. QingBao
  3. AiHuan
  4. JiaoBi
  5. DanXiu
  6. YunTing
  7. ZhenMei
  8. ZiQian

Qoln Names (Family):

  1. Ji
  2. Shao
  3. Xing
  4. Yang
  5. Lao
  6. Mi
  7. Neng
  8. Guo
  • Naming conventions:
    Qoln names are made up of three Qoln (Chinese) characters, the first being the family name and the second and third together making the given name. Each Qoln carries the family name of his or her parents, and each parent selects a character that will form the newborn’s given name in the order of the mother’s choice and then the father’s choice. As an example, “Huan LanMei” took the family name first and then her mother gave her the name “Lan” for the orchid flower and her father gave her the name “Mei”, meaning beauty. Therefore her given name is LanMei, though she goes by “Lam”. Most Qoln choose to use only a small part of their name for the convenience of the other races of Aether. Direct translations can be found here for both male and female names.

Races of the Trade World

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