Pirates on the Miku'La

Pirating predates the Treaty of the Trade World, existing in the lakes of Shael’taya and the rivers of Arland for almost as long as there has been boats, but oceanic pirating of the Trade World started some time between 700 and 725 AT. Most of the ships originated from Dongolos harbors, either stolen or built specifically for pirating by the Dongolos Black Market, a low-laying and constantly moving organization of thieves, investors, and fences. Fudging trade manifests straight from the Dongolos Republic proved to be the most efficient way of collecting materials to be smuggled across the sea to unnamed buyers, but as security improved, pirates appeared, taking cargo straight off the ships, which were often lightly armed and carrying very few sailors (usually just enough to move the ship).

After the signing of the Treaty of the Trade World in AT 776, two new types of pirates appeared, aside from the original types, in it for the money or the power. Then there were adventurers, people who wanted to sail and see the world, but lacked papers or official business. Lastly, there were the anarchists of the Trade World, those who disliked the Dongolos Republic ruling over all of the world’s overseas trade, fearing it was placing too much power in their hands. Especially after rumors that Kuristand declared independence from the Dongolos Republic after an incident of information hoarding, the anarchists of the seas became even more common.

Originally the adventurers without papers and passports were ignored, not considered a threat to the Trade World, but after the increase of pirating, and the creation of the Trade World Navy in AT 785, ships were confiscated and men and women were imprisoned for as simple crimes as having a single undocumented crew member. Ships on the Miku’La Ocean were sanctioned by the Trade World Navy as travel or trade ships, and any others were placed under arrested. It was then that the Pirate Lord Black Jackson appeared on a global scale. It is believed he had held skirmishes with the Trade World Navy for years before, but in 791 news of his name and exploits reached every corner of Aether. The elusive Pirate Lord was known not only for his ability to escape the Trade World Navy, but also his kindness to all those on the sea and lands that he harbored in. Later that year, Black Jackson formed the Crow’s Nest, a floating island made of his fleet of ships. They fly a white flag with a blood red crow in the shape of a cross and are to be considered a safehaven on the sea for all. Black Jackson is considered the most powerful and most respected pirate on the Miku’La Ocean.

Since the appearance of Black Jackson and his Crows, a multitude of pirates have appeared to prove themselves also worthy of such respect and to earn the title of Pirate Lord. Black Jackson’s effect on the Trade World, for better or worse, paved the way for hundreds of new pirate crews.

Pirates on the Miku'La

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