History of the Trade World

Connecting the Continents:

The Dongolos Islands are a group of twelve small islands located in the center of the Miku’La Ocean. Out of the three largest islands in the cluster, the Red Scaled Lazeran occupied Dongolos Trine and Dongolos Vallz (the third being the Dongolos Rale). Two smaller islands, Pekilu and Sabiku, and the great Miku’La Reef was the home of the Islander Aquian. For centuries the Lazeran and Aquian fought territory and resource wars to keep their people alive, but it was the Red Scale Graz Sondalan, the chief of the Red Scale military at the time that finally proposed peace. Lilikulu was an Aquian slave taken for questioning that was taught Ra’Lazeran, but Graz used the opportunity to have Lilikulu teach him the Aquian language, Miku’Atalla. Graz landed on Pekilu Island speaking the Miku’Atalla and wanted peace. Both sides had suffered heavy losses over the years, so Kikula of Pekilu agreed to meet with him. Together they made agreements and created a peace summit on Dongolos Trine.

It was here then the Trade language was first created, a combination of Ra’Lazeran and Miku’Atalla originally made to help bring the people of the islands together, as well as the beginning of the Trade calendar, marking AT 0. The peace was lasting. After about 200 years, the Trade tongue was taught and used fluently by all inhabitants of the Dongolos Islands. Through working together, the Red Scales and Islanders were able to perfect ocean travel, marked by the arrival of the Destiny Spirit on the continent of Gha Khala on AT 438. It was here that the inhabitants of the Dongolos Islands met with the Greenskin tribe, Chu Gancho. Gancho Tolgran, desperate for aid, welcomed the outsiders (not a common practice amongst Greenskins) and with their help pushed the Star Clan Elves back into their home in the Narwyn Woods.

It wasn’t until AT 520 that Ninaste Shen Astarii ventured with a small party into Greenskin lands to meet with the outsiders. Things did not go smoothly for some time, but eventually the Dongolos Island natives were able to form a settlement on the western side of the Gha Khala continent. Now having ports on both sides, the Dongolos Island natives formed what was the Dongolos Republic on 529, of which the first decree was to connect and better the known world, which was called Aether, an ancient name found in ruins across the Dongolos Islands. However, the Dongolos Republic was intrigued to find that the Star Clan Elves also called the world Aether for similar reasons. This sparked a archeological interest in the ruins on both Gha Khala and the islands.

While this was going on, starting back on AT 489, the Miku’La Glory II landed on the eastern continent of Belandia, where the Aquian of Dongolos were not received well by the natives, called the Deepdwellers. The Aquian were mistaken for what would be called Coastal Aquian in the North Sea of Belandia, who had many skirmishes with the Deepdwellers. The Deepdwellers were not eager to form port cities with the Dongolos, primarily due to cultural tension with the other natives: the wandering Felazin, the Coastal Aquians and the Floran of Shael’taya, a continent to the north. The Broken Bridge once stood connecting Shael’taya and Belandia when the Sun Clan Elves and Deepdwellers were working with one another, but it was supposedly destroyed by the Floran in the K’sanaar Woods. The Dongolos Republic headed north where they eventually formed trade routes with the Sun Clan Elves of Shael’taya on AT 591, finding it strange how similar their language was to the Star Clan thousands of miles away. The Deepwellers and the Sun Clan Elves also referred to the world as Aether, something taken from generations before when they were once connected.

After forming ports in Gha Khala, Belandia and Shael’taya, the Dongolos Republic prepared to head further west, inspired by ancient maps that showed one more large continent. On AT 682, the Dongolos landed on Arland, a massive continent to the southwest of the Dongolos Islands, but the shape of the continent was completely different than their maps indicated. The natives here looked like lighter-skinned Deepdwellers, but they called themselves Aetherians. The Deepdwellers later coined the name Aethwalers. They also lived with a previously enslaved race called the Canisaer, and the two fought a common enemy, lizard men to the north, but with green scales. There were also Floran here, but they were peaceful and considered insightful by the Aethwalkers and Canisaer. The Aethwalkers were not kind to the idea of spreading a new language and calendar in their lands, but the Dongolos Republic brought good resources that they couldn’t turn down. Reluctantly, Trade tongue spread throughout Arland and a few ports were set up.

Fascinated by the prospect of more Lazeran, the Dongolos soon crossed the Blood Sea, a channel which hosted ship battles between Arland and the continent of the Green Scale Lazeran, Trithalla. However, what they found were their bloodthirsty selves from before the Trade tongue, still fighting Arland for territory and resources. They were much more spiritual, though, and respected a small race known as the Qoln, sages and hermits in Trithalla. Convinced by the Qoln, a ceasefire was called with Arland and the Dongolos Republic was allowed to set up ports in Trithalla and began spreading the Trade tongue by AT 702.

While a bitter peace lingered between Arland and Trithalla, the Deepdwellers were finally coming to accept trade, and the Felazin were eventually convinced to work with the Republic. The Dongolos Republic then pushed exploration north and south, finding two continents of ice and snow with nothing worth settling for. They were named the Barren North and the Frozen South on AT 709 and 714, respectively. However, each continent had a nearby island that was habitable. The Far Isle, which was near the Frozen South, was already occupied by a settled tribe of Felazin who crossed the shallows of the Lingering Archipelago centuries before, the Hoz tribe, but there were also Qoln there, and the tribe welcomed the Dongolos Republic and quickly set up a port city on AT 721. The other island, which was named Kuristand, formed a settlement to investigate a mysterious crater in the aeth and the dead lands surrounding it for miles where nothing seemed to grow anymore. Kuristand was a Dongolos Republic settlement formed on AT 717, but the land didn’t offer a lot in forms of trade and became a focus for scientific and archaeological advancement, as well as the most multicultural landmass in all of Aether.

Not long afterward, the Dongolos Republic realized their reach had been overextended and they lacked the ability to enforce their laws and ideals in each of their trade cities, so they formed a peace summit with the leaders of many countries from all of the continents. They detailed a treaty that noted that the Dongolos Republic would never be involved in any conflict between the countries, but they would support all of them with trade without bias. In exchange for recognizing the Dongolos Republic as a neutral and peaceful entity, any port city created by the Dongolos Republic would henceforth belong to the country that it was formed in and all tariffs and taxes would be paid to that country, however all tariffs and taxes for the ports were decided by the Republic. During this same meeting, Kuristand declared its independence and wished to be treated as its own country rather than a satellite of the Republic. After a few months of negotiations, everything was agreed upon and the Treaty of the Trade World was signed. This treaty also enforced the teaching of the Trade tongue as a second language and use of the Trade calendar in all supporting countries. The treaty went into effect on the first day of AT 776.

History of the Trade World

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